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Welcome to the Hara Centras 2022-2023 program. We are happy to offer Seminars and Trainings throughout the year with some of the most remarkable therapist in the Osho Therapy field.

This program is a work in process, new workshops are being added so don't hesitate to contact us at the phone and e.mail address below if you want to know more.

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October 18th - January 17th

Essential Enneagram Training with Svarup

10 weekly classes, 2 hours each on line


The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions. It is an ancient method that describes the 9 stages (points) of any cycle in life (action, relationship, creativity, work…), and how and on which point our energy can get stuck (fixated), preventing us to complete that cycle and move on towards the new.
In this Essential Enneagram Training, we will explore each one of those points in the light of Essence work.
This work is based on learning how to experience the subtle and ever-present qualities of life through our inner organs of perception (feeling their substance, seeing their color, and sensing them inside ourselves).
Even when the outer circumstances of life might temporarily not reflect these qualities, we can always reconnect and align ourselves with them. In this way, we create an opening for these qualities to blossom also around us, giving us a sense of flow and belonging to something larger than us.
Through Enneagram understanding, early life experiences are the main reason for our energy being unable to move on and experience the rainbow of possibilities that life has to offer.
As small children, we felt that in our surrounding, one or the other of the main essential qualities (like truth, justice, peace, bonding, etc.) was missing. Just because we couldn’t feel that quality in the atmosphere that surrounded us, we became blind to the fact that on a larger essential level, that quality was always there.
Out of that feeling of deficiency, we started developing a personality that is, still today, striving to bring that missing quality back in life, in our work and in our relationships. This compensating effort creates tremendous stress in our lives.
In this Essential Enneagram series you will learn to:
-Recognize which one of these nine points is the one where you get more stuck (your fixation).
-How to deeply understand what caused this specific fixation in your early life.
-How this fixation creates in you now a limited vision of the world and of what is possible.
-How in fact all the nine points are connected in a sequence that naturally moves to completion, if we only can learn to flow from one point to the other.
-How to move from the point you are fixated in to the next point (for instance, move from the rigid view of a number one, to the perception that there are many possibilities of the number seven), re-establishing for yourself a fluidity in your actions and your perception of the world.
-How in your interactions with your beloved ones or with your clients you can start recognizing their fixation, and develop a compassion and understanding for that fixation, supporting them to move on and see the world and themselves from a more complete perspective.
-How to go through and beyond the stress of feeling that something in life is missing by recognizing the wounds that created this perception, and move on to realize that actually there is nothing missing in life.
This Essential Enneagram Training will be taught in 10 parts:
Part I: General introduction into the world of Essence.

Parts II to IX: In depth exploration of each fixation and how to move beyond it.

*October 11, 18:30-20:30
Part I: Introduction to Essence world;

*October 18th, 18:30-20:30
Part II, Type 1 – The Perfectionist;

*November 8, 18:30-20:30
Part III, Type 2 – The Helper;

*November 15, 18:30-20:30
Part IV, Type 3 – The Achiever;

*November 29, 18:30-20:30
Part V, Type 4 – The Individualist;

*December 13th, 18:30-20:30
Part VI, Type 5 – The Investigator;

*December 20th, 18:30-20:30
Part VII, Type 6 – The Loyalist,

*January 3rd, 18:30-20:30
Part VIII, Type 7 - The Enthusiast

*January 10th, 18:30-20:30
Part IX, Type 8 – The Boss;

*January 17th, 18:30-20:30
Type 9 – The Harmonizer;


*Each one of the sessions are taught online, aimed at people working with people or people in a journey to expand the understanding of themselves and the world that surrounds them.
*The Essential Enneagram Training are a combination of theory and experience.
*The Essential Enneagram Training cost: 290eur.
* Sessions timings are GMT+2 (Eastern European Standard Time)


For registration and information:


Whatsapp: +37068381991


Personal Freedom Training 2021-2022   with Tarika Glubin (USA)

The Personal Freedom Training is an individual experience of self-growth that happens in 6 parts over two years.

Deeply ingrained and unconscious beliefs tend to define who we are and what we do throughout our life. How many beliefs, ideas and conditionings about ourselves and others are limiting our experience of life, many times making us feel  stuck, shrunk  or that we can't go for what we really want and long for?

When we shed light, compassion and understanding on  our negative beliefs and ideas about ourselves and the world around us, we feel empowered by widening  our  choices. Not only that, but we also  gain the self trust needed to let go of what is not working for us anymore and to create and rejoice in a more integrated, expanded and fulfilled life.

The workshops that form this integral, individual and deeply transformational training are:

  • Entering the path of self love

Personal Freedom Training part I, 3 Days              April 30-May 2, 2021

This 3 day process is created for people with a deep longing for love in their lives. It will guide you through the labyryinth of conditioning about loving yourself, the objections, the fears and the beliefs. With a clear understanding of these inner mechanisms, the old habits of self-rejection and doubt begin to fade away, and you can open to your own intrinsic beauty.

This is a major step in the rediscovery of your essential value and prepares the way for positive and loving relationships.

  • A child's story: Deepening your understanding and appreciation of yourself with Tarika and Anam

Personal Freedom Training part II, 5 Days             October 13 - 17, 2021

We all have a story to tell. So much of what we are living now is trapped in our early experiences.

In order to survive we needed to hide from the pain of that time and even tell ourselves a
“different story”.

These days are about reading the story as it was, understanding what is valuable in that story and moving on to writing a new chapter of your life.

The workshop incorporates primal structures, guided meditations, active meditations, communication exercises, open sharing, and Tarika and Anam’s unique way of reaching
into the heart of the matter.

  • Love and Freedom

Personal Freedom Training part III, 4 Days               February 17-20, 2022

In these days we continue  to explore the conditioning which stops us from connecting with ourselves.

Life is a mysterious unfolding. With each turn we take there is new information   for us to process and digest. We will look at what is in the way of keeping us flowing, experiment with moving the obstacles out of the way and support the understanding that we are connected to a loving existence. It is important to remember that we can not always control our circumstances but we do have the power to decide how we take care of ourselves and make the most loving choices possible.


  • Who am I without my story? with Anam Smith and Tarika Glubin

Personal Freedom Training part  IV, 5 Days                    April 27- May 1st, 2022

A deep process of understanding how to live from the present moment. We will go through an awareness intensive process, based on traditional Zen techniques, designed to penetrate beyond our habitual masks and pretensions focusing our total energy into the search for who we really are., who is in?. We will explore what it means to dis-identify from our old history and let go of the destructive patterns that unconsciously keep directing our life.

When you practice responding moment to moment, awareness of your identification with the personality starts to develop. Once this is experienced and understood, you shift towards your being, to the center of witnessing. You feel a profound relaxation and the joy of being in the present moment.

A 5 days Zoom experience workshop open for everybody with previous experience on meditation and emotional release groups (i.e. Breathing, Pulsation, Childhood work)

  • Living from Present Time

Personal Freedom Training part V, 3 days                        June 10-12, 2022


With the help of the Transessence Technique (a tool for essential living) we will take a deeper look at what action comes from Present time.

We will learn to distinguish between our personality structure (reaction) and present time (action). So much is possible when we learn to step out of the past!

  • Lighting Up Your Life 

Personal Freedom Training part VI, 3 Days                      September 23-25, 2022

As a completion way to round out this individual training we will spend these days looking at what lights us up.

So much time and energy goes into wondering how we can do things better or   what we are doing wrong. We are hardly ever encouraged to look at what we want to do, what we need, and what makes us happy. By learning how to naturally focus on your essential inner guidance you can begin to bring this light into your daily life.


Each module of the training is also a stand alone workshop. Is possible to join the training at any point until the 4th module. The 5th and 6th modules are open only for people that has participated  at least in one previous module of the training.

Tarika Glubin has a Masters degree in psychology for the Antioch University in Seattle  and more than 30 years experience working with people both individually and in groups in Europe, India, and USA. Her background includes Primal therapy, early childhood deconditioning, body centered psychotherapy, and couples therapy. Tarika facilitates such groups as the Freedom Process (AFH), the Rebellious Spirit, Freedom to Be and the Osho Therapist Training. Her work as an Osho therapist inspired her to create the Transessence technique (a tool for essential living) which assists in the process of disidentification from the personality and living in the present.


March 12, 2022 - January 26, 2023

HEALING THE INNER TEENAGER – A 10 sessions process with Svarup


The Healing the Inner Teenager – A 10 sessions process is a brand new way of working with the wounds and the immense energetic potential that awakens sex and vision for everyone, during the period of teenage. 

During this training, you will be guided, and learn to guide others, through a 10 session journey backwards in time, where we will address both, the sexual aspect and the visionary aspect in ourselves:



Teenage is the period in life when sexual energy awakens. It is the birth of a new powerful sensation in the body, and a new strong physical longing.

This was for many of us a challenging time, with no one to really teach us to understand, enjoy and explore passion, which is the natural connection between sex and heart.

Because of family shame and values, peer pressure, abuse and/or lack of guidance as teen agers, we often froze or pushed ourselves beyond what felt good for us. Or gave in to addictions as a compensation for the lack of emotional and physical nourishment and support.

The result of all this was a split between the strong sensation of sex and the powerful longing of the heart, a disconnection that often became self destructive.

The wounded teenager is still alive in us. As we grow up, the shame, the split and the frozenness are still there, unprocessed in the background of our unconscious, preventing us from fully enjoying being easy and natural in our bodies.

By healing the wounds of the past, we learn to embrace the natural, sensuous, passionate teenager that is also still alive in our body and soul.

We can, as adults, learn to become whole again, reconnect with the source of our energy, and love and nourish our bodies as the temples of our soul.



Exactly at the same time as the sexual awakening is happening, the frontal lobes of our brain also activate for the first time in our life. They represent the latest and last  evolutionary development.

Because of this activation we start  start to have dreams beyond our small family as the entire world becomes our playground. We have longings that make life meaningful, bringing inspiration, joy and creativity. As teenagers we naturally feel that everything is possible.

Yet, more often than not, the longings we had as teenagers were stifled too fast and too soon by the pressure of survival, realism, duty and competition that surrounded us.

Many of us ended up casting them aside and forgetting about them.

Nevertheless, those teenage longings are still somewhere deep in our unconscious, waiting to be realized and lived.

This is always possible if we as adults rediscover them, get inspired by them, and find  ways to integrate them in our lives, experiencing a new freshness and motivation in our bodies and life itself.



Healing the Inner Teenager – A 10 sessions process, is open for all of those interested in learning a new growth and exploration method for working with people, as well as those who want to experience the growth and learning process for themselves.

It is a healing and transforming journey for yourself, which can also become a new skill for working with people under our supervision.

It will teach you a series of ten individual sessions in which each of these sessions, you will learn, both through theory and self-experience, specific techniques to work with Teenager Conditioning and Longing through:


– Deepening the connection between our Adult part, the Teenager part, and the Child part in us. Learning to listen and understand what each one of these parts inside of us needs or wants in our lives now.


– Rediscovering the original longing of the Teenager in us.


– Exploring the family dynamics and conditionings of that time, completing what remained unsaid and moving on.


– Transforming shame and revenge into passion and creativity.


– Learning to be easy and natural with sexual energy.


– Experiencing both currents of a healthy sexual energy: the red outgoing passion and the golden receptive and nourishing sensuousness


– Healing and finding new resources in the friendly connection with the same gender.


– Exploring the meeting with the opposite gender and its friendly and ecstatic potential.


– Exploring the meeting of male and female inside us.


– Learning meditation and breathing techniques to allow the flow of energy in our bodies


Main techniques used in this process:




March 12-13, 2022

2 days online Part I 

-Session 1



-Session 2



April 9-10

2 days on line Part II

-Session 3



May 21-22

2 days on line Part III


-Session 4



-Session 5



June 22-26

5 days live Part IV

-Session 6



-Session 7



September 28-Oct 2

5 days live Part V


-Session 8



January 2023,  26-29

4 days live Part VI


-Session 9


-Session 10





Parts IV, V, and VI will be residential, in Lithuania, if Covid government guidelines allow. Otherwise, they will be also held on Zoom or in a hybrid format (Zoom and live) in case traveling becomes difficult for some participants.

The training is in English with translation to Lithuanian

At the end of the training, you will have the option of being certified as a Healing the Inner Teenager Training – A ten session process facilitator after completing a Supervision process.


For registration and information:

tel. +370-683-81991,
E-mail: haraamiya@gmail.com



Contacts in Hara Center


Amiya Bernal

e-mail: haraamiya@gmail.com; mob. +370 68381991

Aidas Giedraitis

e-mail: aidas@hara.lt mob. +370 68512622


About Lithuania


Lithuania, with its two main cities Vilnius and Kaunas, is a gem in the Baltic Sea. All of our residential groups happen in the countryside, in beautiful tourist farms surrounded by the unique forests and lakes of this country.

To arrive is easy either through Vilnius or Kaunas Airports. We will be happy to support you with transportation arrangements to the workshop venue once you are here.

Lithuanian currency is the euro and considering that is a small country is fairly easy to find your way around. All our groups are held in English with Lithuanian translation.