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Welcome to the Hara Centras 2019-2020 program. We are happy to offer Seminars and Trainings throughout the year with some of the most remarkable therapist in the Osho Therapy field.

This program is a work in process, new workshops are being added so don't hesitate to contact us at the phone and e.mail address below if you want to know more.

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February 21-24 and February 28-3rd

OSHO Energy Counseling Training – Module I: Chakra Anatomy with Sugandho


Module 1 gives a profound understanding about the 7 chakras and is the basis for the following energy reading training in module 2. It can also be used as a basic chakra experience for beginners.

As our physical body has a certain structure of bones, muscles, tissues, etc. so have our subtle bodies in the aura and the related chakras. The chakra system is an eastern approach to describe the development of human consciousness, as there are western theories on the mental, psychological and moral human development. The training will combine both.

In the first module of the training we will explore the sequence of the 7 chakras in an experiential as well as theoretical way.

The participants will experience the different energies in each chakra and the way these energies express themselves in their own unique way.

The theoretical part will refer to:

  • The chakra map / the aura
  • Chakra related issues: What is the healthy expression of each chakra?
  • What issues can develop in each chakra because of childhood conditioning, traumas etc., which disturb the natural energy flow?
  • Male / female expression of each chakra
  • The hara


July 22-31, 2019

OSHO Energy Counseling Training – Module II – Energy Reading with Sugandho

The Alchemy of Chakra Transformation through Awareness & Acceptance

Energy Reading and Diagnostic Report

The energetic reading can make a vast difference in the direction in which we can find a solution to our issues in life. As intuition is far apart from logic, energy reading is not an analysis nor is it based on the personal feeling or learned knowledge of the reader. Instead, we rely on the qualities of meditation and love, to facilitate a transformation, to encourage individual growth.

In order to learn the ability of clear perception and acceptance of subtle energies in the first place we need to let go of the rationality and projections of the mind. The best approach is through the doorway of the heart chakra, where we can learn to receive and to fall in tune, and be in harmony with the natural state of existence. The heart is a feminine space, in which both men and women can learn to balance their own energies and also support others to do so as well.

Once the intuition of the heart has become our foundational inner guide we can then move onto the discovery of how the feminine qualities of acceptance and unconditional love plus the masculine qualities of clarity and awareness become our two main tools in energy reading and two main resources in helping people find their solutions to their life questions.

Skills of energy reading:

–       Perception Clarity: Intuition of the Heart

–       Discovering the Transformational Quality of each chakra and of the whole energy system

–       Practicing energy readings for all chakras plus inner male and female energies

–       Listening and talking skills connected to supporting the Transformational Quality of Awareness and Acceptance

–       Giving a diagnostic report of the chakra energies

Energy Reading and Diagnostic Report together is the first half of the Energy Counseling Session. In this module, the participants will learn how to read another person’s energy in each chakra and how to create a diagnostic report from it. In Module III, will be added counseling skills for a complete Energy Counseling Session.



Sugandho is a senior OSHO therapist with over 25 years of experience facilitating workshops all over the world, including Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Her educational background includes university degrees in Psychology, Sociology and Education. Additionally, she has studied and experienced many alternative methods such as meditation, Reiki, Chakra Alchemy, Neo-Reichian Pulsation (Breathing), Hypnosis, NLP, Sexual Deconditioning, Childhood Deconditioning and Primal-based work.

Sugandho has been an OSHO disciple since 1980 and combines her professional knowledge of Western psychology with alternative Eastern methods. She is directing the OSHO Institute for Inner-Alchemy and Meditation, leads Chakra Alchemy trainings and workshops, and offers private sessions.

She lives in Israel and is inspired in her work by the silence of the desert.



For further information and booking please contact:

Mob.: ‭+370 (683) 81 991‬ ( Amiya)
Email: amiya.bernal@gmail.com



August 15-23, 2019

Transessence Technique - International Training 2019 with Tarika Glubin


Our personality is made of old, learnt and habitual patterns stored in our unconscious mind preventing us to experience growth, love and unconditional satisfaction with life.




As long as we are living through this personality structure we don‘t have the inner freedom and courage to explore and try new ways of acting/relating. Our experience of life is the result of a fixed repetition of patterns.

This personality structure is made up of different parts (characters) which reflect our early life con




The Transessence Technique helps us to go to a larger space inside. The compassion that radiates from this center (neutral place) makes it possible to bring a new understanding to the different “parts” of oneself. Looking at who we are with the pure and clean eyes of our center is transforming. It becomes easier to experience that we are the essence beyond personality.

The Transessence Technique, created by Tarika, is an amazing tool for its effectivity and simplicity. Transessence teaches to become aware of those moments that our feelings and thoughts are the result of an identification. When the identification is activated, we lose our connection with the present moment and we find ourselves immersed in a trance of our old history that in the moment we belief to be our reality however filled of doubt, suffering and struggle.

With the support of a Transessence Technique session is possible to recognize the identification and the illusion that it creates allowing the possibility to step out of the trance back into Present Time while liberating an incredible amount of previously locked life energy.

The availability of this energy and the certainty that any action or decision taken from this space is the right one for the moment brings a life of fullfilment, relaxation. In peace, you know who you are and what to do.


The Transessence Technique is a great tool to have if you work with people or if you are involved in a self growth path.

During the Training, special attention is given to the role of the Transessence Technique facilitator as mastering a Present Time space is key to support anybody‘s journey back into Present Time.

During the Training, trainees will be facing and learning from the moments that Present Time is lost and fallen out of center, learning how to get it back easier and easier each time with spectacular results individually and when working with people.

The training is conducted in English with translation if needed

The training happens in a wonderful venue in the middle of the Lithuanian nature: frankava.lt

For registration or more information on the training:


For further information and booking please contact:

Mob.: ‭+370 (683) 81 991‬ ( Amiya)
Email: amiya.bernal@gmail.com



September 6-8, 2019

Connecting with the Spirits of Nature

with Chetna Lawless & Pete Kabir Bengry

As science states, our well-being is related with our ability to connect with nature. We are deeply woven into nature within the sacred web of life. But how can we actually connect with this web?How can we listen to the spirits of nature, honouring and integrating their presence into our lives?

As many of us know, climate change is happening. What do we need to learn from the Spirits of Nature in order to be fully aware of our presence and our future on this earth?

Who are the Spirits of Nature? They are the core energies within all existence and the sacred weavers in the web of life, surrounding us all the time, communicating with the same voice, inviting us to remember their song. They provide presence within the sacred cycles of life and death, living in both worlds, existing within the invisible and visible, following the natural rhythms of life.

In this group we will:
  • Learn to witness the infinite support from the Spirits of Nature as you integrate their healing presence within your life.
  • Deepen your awareness and presence of our natural surroundings while experiencing the magic of ancient practices.
  • Discover our own sacred rhythms which support the sacred songs of nature.
  • Rediscover the ancient language of omens and divination.
  • Receive guidance for both personal and planetary growth.
  • Provide essential guidance and knowledge of the essence of nature and your sacred presence as a healer and communicator with the Spirits of Nature.
  • Develop your awareness to the invisible energies within nature and the ancient practice of ceremonies guided by their presence.
Imagine .....What would happen if you could fully converse with a tree as the Spirit of Nature that he is?
When we become more sensitive to the earth, we become more sensitive to ourselves and a sacred balance is birthed, which supports all life in the way of harmony.

Important information:

On Friday September 6th, at 18.00 pm we will start with a Ceremony for creating a Sacred Space; calling in and honouring the Elements and helping Spirits, especially the Spirits of Lithuanian land.

This ceremony is open to everybody, participation cost is of 35 eur. Independently of considering whether or not to attend the group. If you choose to do the workshop on Saturday and Sunday the ceremony is included.  We will be creating a sacred portal and prayer tree on the grounds of the Aukštųjų Šančių ąžuolynas Park in Kaunas. You may bring an offering for the trees.

For further information and booking please contact:

Mob.: ‭+370 (683) 81 991‬ ( Amiya)
Email: amiya.bernal@gmail.com



Personal Freedom Training 2019-2020

with Tarika Glubin (USA)

The Personal Freedom Training is an individual experience of self-growth that happens in 6 parts over two years.

Deeply ingrained and unconscious beliefs tend to define who we are and what we do throughout our life. How many beliefs, ideas and conditionings about ourselves and others are limiting our experience of life, many times making us feel  stuck, shrunk  or that we can't go for what we really want and long for?

When we shed light, compassion and understanding on  our negative beliefs and ideas about ourselves and the world around us, we feel empowered by widening  our  choices. Not only that, but we also  gain the self trust needed to let go of what is not working for us anymore and to create and rejoice in a more integrated, expanded and fulfilled life.

The workshops that form this integral, individual and deeply transformational training are:

  • Entering the path of self love

Personal Freedom Training part I, 3 Days              June 14-16, 2019

This 3 day process is created for people with a deep longing for love in their lives. It will guide you through the labyryinth of conditioning about loving yourself, the objections, the fears and the beliefs. With a clear understanding of these inner mechanisms, the old habits of self-rejection and doubt begin to fade away, and you can open to your own intrinsic beauty.

This is a major step in the rediscovery of your essential value and prepares the way for positive and loving relationships.

  • The Rebellious Spirit

Personal Freedom Training part II, 5 Days             October 9 - 13, 2019

The rebellious spirit is a fire in the soul, the thirst for freedom. It is the fearlessness to be yourself, without compromise. In this seminar we will be clearing new paths toward this fearlessness by deeply meeting with the roots of our judgments, our fears, our problems around power, shame, unworthiness, inferiority, perfectionism and other wounds.


The main focus will be to understand the inner mechanism of judging, how it comes and how to go beyond it, and then to learn how to face our primal wounds inside with friendliness. Seeing to the roots of your present-day problems will bring the understanding that you have simply been conditioned, and that you are not guilty for having wounds. This will open the gates for seeing deeper into the unconsciousness, and for allowing healing and a sense of wholeness to happen more easily.

  • Love and Freedom

Personal Freedom Training part III, 4 Days               February 13-16, 2020

In these days we continue  to explore the conditioning which stops us from connecting with ourselves.

Life is a mysterious unfolding. With each turn we take there is new information   for us to process and digest. We will look at what is in the way of keeping us flowing, experiment with moving the obstacles out of the way and support the understanding that we are connected to a loving existence. It is important to remember that we can not always control our circumstances but we do have the power to decide how we take care of ourselves and make the most loving choices possible.

  • Who am I without my story? with Anam Smith and Tarika Glubin

Personal Freedom Training part  IV, 5 Days                    May 20-24, 2020

A deep process of understanding how to live from the present moment. We will go through an awareness intensive process, based on traditional Zen techniques, designed to penetrate beyond our habitual masks and pretensions focusing our total energy into the search for who we really are., who is in?. We will explore what it means to dis-identify from our old history and let go of the destructive patterns that unconsciously keep directing our life.

When you practice responding moment to moment, awareness of your identification with the personality starts to develop. Once this is experienced and understood, you shift towards your being, to the center of witnessing. You feel a profound relaxation and the joy of being in the present moment.

5 days residential group on the lithuanian countryside open for everybody with previous experience on meditation and emotional release groups (i.e. Breathing, Pulsation, Childhood work)

  • Living from Present Time

Personal Freedom Training part V, 3 days                        September 18-20, 2020


With the help of the Transessence Technique (a tool for essential living) we will take a deeper look at what action comes from Present time.

We will learn to distinguish between our personality structure (reaction) and present time (action). So much is possible when we learn to step out of the past!

  • Lighting Up Your Life 

Personal Freedom Training part VI, 3 Days                      November 27-29, 2020

As a completion way to round out this individual training we will spend these days looking at what lights us up.

So much time and energy goes into wondering how we can do things better or   what we are doing wrong. We are hardly ever encouraged to look at what we want to do, what we need, and what makes us happy. By learning how to naturally focus on your essential inner guidance you can begin to bring this light into your daily life.


Each module of the training is also a stand alone workshop. Is possible to join the training at any point until the 4th module. The 5th and 6th modules are open only for people that has participated  at least in one previous module of the training.


Tarika Glubin has a Masters degree in psychology and more than 30 years experience working with people both individually and in groups in Europe, India, and USA. Her background includes Primal therapy, early childhood deconditioning, body centered psychotherapy, and couples therapy. Tarika facilitates such groups as the Freedom Process (AFH), the Rebellious Spirit, Freedom to Be and the Osho Therapist Training. Her work as an Osho therapist inspired her to create the Transessence technique (a tool for essential living) which assists in the process of disidentification from the personality and living in the present.





March 5-11, 2020

Primal Childhood Deconditioning with Svarup and Premartha


This eight-day group is a journey of rebellion against what is false and forced upon you, and of recovery of the positive essential spaces that you truly experienced as a child.

Step by step, we will go back in time, exploring the conditionings received at each stage of development of your childhood.

Through this exploration, you will be able to recognize what masks you grew used to wear, and what compensations you developed in the hope of being acknowledged, accepted and felt.

You will have full space and support to feel what you would have really needed to express as a child.

You will have the chance to discover inside yourself as the adult that you are now, the strength and power to stand up for and heal the child inside you.

When you conquer and dissolve the negative side of your past, you will rediscover the deep-seated impulse that has brought you to want to be born and live exactly this life. And you will be able to bow down in authentic gratitude to the real gifts you received from your parents.

Previous group experience in the field of emotional release or breath is recommended.

Contacts in Hara Center


Amiya Bernal

e-mail: amiya.bernal@gmail.com; mob. +370 68381991

Aidas Giedraitis

e-mail: aidas@hara.lt mob. +370 68512622


About Lithuania


Lithuania, with its two main cities Vilnius and Kaunas, is a gem in the Baltic Sea. All of our residential groups happen in the countryside, in beautiful tourist farms surrounded by the unique forests and lakes of this country.

To arrive is easy either through Vilnius or Kaunas Airports. We will be happy to support you with transportation arrangements to the workshop venue once you are here.

Lithuanian currency is the euro and considering that is a small country is fairly easy to find your way around. All our groups are held in English with Lithuanian translation.