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Our Teachers - Svarup Disegni


Svarup Disegni (Italy)

After graduating in Philosophy at the University of Rome, she collaborated and learnt for several years with renowned psychiatrist R. D. Laing, running one of his therapeutic communities in London.

She met Osho in 1984, and since then participated to the commune life around the Master, facilitating groups and meditative therapies.

Svarup has 30+ years of experience facilitating Childhood Deconditioning work, both childhood and adolescence and sexuality, and is a teacher of Essence Work.

In 1999, together with her partner, Premartha de Koning, they founded the "Twice Born School" aimed to facilitate Childhood deconditioning workshops and train Childhood De-conditioning 10 sessions process facilitators. 


The Childhood De-conditioning 10 Sessions Process was born out of their vast experience in Arthur Janov, Bert Hellinger, John Bradshaw, Faisal Muqquaddam, Wilhelm Reich, Fritz Perls and Osho works. 


Each developmental phase is addressed through a different and appropriate technique looking for healing and completion phase by phase. The result is a clear, concrete, rich and well defined process, deeply touching and transforming the lives of thousands of participants worldwide.


Together they wrote "Twice Born" and "The Little Buddha and the Cosmos" books, both available at

Upcoming Training
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Healing the Inner Teenager Training – A 10 sessions process

2024 June 19 - 2025 April 6

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