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About us

Aidas Giedraitis and Amiya Claudia Bernal are co-founders of Hara Studija. 

The main driving force and inspiration, which brought us together and is at the core of Hara Studija's therapy and trainings, is the love and awakening that happens in deep meditation, together with the growth that results from deep inner therapy work.

The profound experiences we have been living and creating together as individuals and as a couple have inspired us to share our work and manifested as Hara Centras since 2008, becoming Hara Studija in 2020. 

Hara Studija is a space created for everybody who wishes to know and transform themselves for a better life quality (individually, as partners, as parents, at work and in other areas of life), as well as for professionals looking to enhance their work with clients through different therapeutical techniques. 

At Hara Studija, we offer a combination of Integral Psychotherapy and Meditation through personal psychotherapy sessions and also a wide range of psychotherapeutic Seminars, Workshops and Trainings led by international, world-recognised teachers with decades of experience and excellence in their fields. 

We integrate the concepts of waking up and growing up. 

Waking up to our wholeness, where experiencing our consciousness and our essential human aspects, beyond the ebbs and flows of our personalities. That opens us to a path of spiritual awakening, respecting each person's individual rhythm and without any dogmas or external rules defining each one's personal experience. 


On the other hand, growing up is the maturity that results from understanding and processing our shadows, and challenging life experiences. The result is an increased self awareness, the developing of cognitive complexity and a sense of inner freedom that we embody and manifest in the different aspects of daily life. 

Our approach combines contemporary psychotherapy with a scientific perspective on the mind, brain function, and understanding of neuroscience.  

We highlight the significance of harmonious interpersonal relationships and personal growth without overlooking unresolved and immature aspects, creating a more fulfilling life and relationships while having a conscious contribution as part of the community and society at large. 


In our perspective, there's a spiritual need to experience oneself as a greater whole, a need for awakening, and active participation and growth as a community member. In our work, we cover a deep understanding of the entire human life cycle: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age, and death.

And overall that allows us to live more joyful, energised and satisfying lives. 

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Our Story

Our journey began in India in 2002, a place where our paths converged, and our destinies intertwined. Aidas, with a passion for meditation that began at the young age of 14, found himself continuing his exploration of aspects of his reality and meditation. Meanwhile, Amiya was on a quest to discover herself, seeking a radical change from the relentless pace of corporate life that left little room for a fulfilling life outside of her Marketing Specialist career.


Our meeting in an Indian meditation center marked the beginning of a transformative experience together. First in India, and then in Lithuania, we delved into the depths of our humanity through growing our relationship with the support of therapy, tantra and meditation.  

The vibrant colours of India, the daily inquiries and inner discoveries, and the joyous meditative celebrations – all contributed to our shared journey of self-discovery and growth. 


Returning to Lithuania in the early 2000s presented a stark contrast. The country was grappling with the aftermath of Soviet occupation, and both the physical and emotional landscapes felt constrained and bleak. Fueled by our desire to recreate the enriching experiences we had in India, we embarked on a mission to bring the practices of therapy and meditation to our homeland.  

We began inviting world-renowned teachers who specialized in various modalities ranging from Tantra, Energy reading and Somatic Trauma Healing to Diamond Breath work, Reichian pulsation, and Colorpuncture therapies. Our exploration also led us to organize and participate in trainings on Emotional work, and the AUM process, Women's workshops, Essence Work, and Reliving past lives, Therapeutical Tarot and Understanding Death. Also, we learnt the Family Constellations technique, - Childhood deconditioning, Inner teenager Healing, and parts work with Tarika’s Transessence Technique. 


We also explored the transformative power of nature through work with power places and delved into studies of Gestalt therapy, trauma-informed psychotherapy, and understanding death.  

These diverse experiences coalesced into a successful partnership that has stood the test of time. Celebrating 20 years of marriage, we continue to thrive, living and working together in harmony.  


Our journey has been nothing short of amazing, and we are committed to sharing our knowledge and insights to help others on their path to self-discovery, healing, and growth. 

Our Teachers

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