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International Transessence Technique Training

with Tarika Glubin


  •  Part I - July 10 - 14 at a residential homestead "Shanti resort", Lithuania

  • Part II - September 20 - 22 online via Zoom

  •  Part III - October 11 - 13 online via Zoom

A free presentation on the Transessence Technique Training will happen on June 5th at 19:00 p.m on Zoom.

For registration and link, please send
a message to

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The Transessence Technique helps us to go to an empty space inside. The compassion that radiates from this center (neutral place) makes it possible to bring a new understanding to the different parts of our personality. To look with the pure, clean eyes of our center, is transforming. It becomes easier to experience that we are the Essence beyond personality.

This 10 day training will be a combination of experiential participation and supervised practice. The participants will learn how to use the Transessence Technique(TT) both for themselves and with others.

Tarika presents the Transessence Technique Training 

The teaching will cover:

  •  A general understanding of TT ie: function of disidentification in everyday life; how to recognize the difference between personality and present time (neutral place); How to strengthen the connection with the neutral place.

  • A practical application of TT in the clinical set up of a session.

  • Guidance in working as a therapist from the neutral place.

  • Information about when TT is applicable and how to use it with other modalities.


Tarika Glubin (United States)

Tarika has a Master's degree in psychology and more than 40 years of experience working with people both individually and in groups in Europe, India, and the USA.


Practical info

The training will be held in English, with translation into Lithuanian.

Part 1 will take place on July 10-14 (5 days) at the homestead „Shanti resort“ in Trakai district, Lithuania (how to find it and more info about the resort at

Start: July 10 from 10:00 a.m.

End: July 14 around 4 p.m.


Part 2 will take place on September 20-22 (2.5 days) on the Zoom platform.

Start: September 20 from 4:00 p.m.

End: September 22, around 6 p.m.


Part 3 will take place on October 11-13 (2.5 days) on the Zoom platform.

Start: October 11 from 4:00 p.m.

End: October 13, around 6 p.m.


The price of training is EUR 1050.

Accommodation and vegetarian meals at the Shanti resort - an additional 400 EUR.


Registration and information:


tel. +37068381991


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