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Healing the Inner Teenager Training – A 10 sessions process

With Svarup Disegni (Italija)

 June 19th, 2024 -  April 6th, 2025 

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The Healing the Inner Teenager – A 10 sessions process is a brand new way of working with the wounds and the immense energetic potential that awakens sex and vision for everyone, during the period of teenage.


During this training, you will be guided, and learn to guide others, through a 10 session journey backwards in time, where we will address both, the sexual aspect and the visionary aspect in ourselves.

Teenage is the period in life when sexual energy awakens. It is the birth of a new powerful sensation in the body, and a new strong physical longing. This was for many of us a challenging time, with no one to really teach us to understand, enjoy and explore passion, which is the natural connection between sex and heart. Because of family shame and values, peer pressure, abuse and/or lack of guidance as teen agers, we often froze or pushed ourselves beyond what felt good for us. Or gave in to addictions as a compensation for the lack of emotional and physical nourishment and support. The result of all this was a split between the strong sensation of sex and the powerful longing of the heart, a disconnection that often became self destructive. The wounded teenager is still alive in us. As we grow up, the shame, the split and the frozenness are still there, unprocessed in the background of our unconscious, preventing us from fully enjoying being easy and natural in our bodies. By healing the wounds of the past, we learn to embrace the natural, sensuous, passionate teenager that is also still alive in our body and soul. We can, as adults, learn to become whole again, reconnect with the source of our energy, and love and nourish our bodies as the temples of our soul.



Exactly at the same time as the sexual awakening is happening, the frontal lobes of our brain also activate for the first time in our life. They represent the latest and last evolutionary development. Because of this activation we start start to have dreams beyond our small family as the entire world becomes our playground. We have longings that make life meaningful, bringing inspiration, joy and creativity. As teenagers we naturally feel that everything is possible. Yet, more often than not, the longings we had as teenagers were stifled too fast and too soon by the pressure of survival, realism, duty and competition that surrounded us. Many of us ended up casting them aside and forgetting about them. Nevertheless, those teenage longings are still somewhere deep in our unconscious, waiting to be realized and lived. This is always possible if we as adults rediscover them, get inspired by them, and find ways to integrate them in our lives, experiencing a new freshness and motivation in our bodies and life itself.

Svarup introduces the training


Healing the Inner Teenager – A 10 sessions process, is open for all of those interested in learning a new growth and exploration method for working with people, as well as those who want to experience the growth and learning process for themselves.

It is a healing and transforming journey for yourself, which can also become a new skill for working with people under our supervision.

It will teach you a series of ten individual sessions in which each of these sessions, you will learn, both through theory and self-experience, specific techniques to work with Teenager Conditioning and Longing through:

  • Deepening the connection between our Adult part, the Teenager part, and the Child part in us. Learning to listen and understand what each one of these parts inside of us needs or wants in our lives now.

  • Rediscovering the original longing of the Teenager in us.

  • Exploring the family dynamics and conditionings of that time, completing what remained unsaid and moving on.

  • Transforming shame and revenge into passion and creativity. 

  • Learning to be easy and natural with sexual energy.

  • Experiencing both currents of a healthy sexual energy: the red outgoing passion and the golden receptive and nourishing sensuousness

  • Healing and finding new resources in the friendly connection with the same gender.

  • Exploring the meeting with the opposite gender and its friendly and ecstatic potential.

  • Exploring the meeting of male and female inside us.

  • Learning meditation and breathing techniques to allow the flow of energy in our bodies


Main techniques used in this process:








I part

June 19-23, Shanti Resort 



You will learn to recognize and connect different parts of your inner world:

  • The Child, the vessel of innocence and playfulness.

  • The Teenager, the vessel of sexual energy and vision.

  • The Adult, who can implement the qualities of Child and Teenager in the present moment.

  • As an Adult, you will rediscover the forgotten longings and will experience the passion you had as a Teenager together with the maturity and wisdom of the Adult.


Teenager and his/her rebirth as a natural and sensuous Teenager.

  • As an Adult, you will be guided to understand and feel empathy for the struggle of your Teenager.

  • As the Teenager, you will find new resources in realizing who are healthy inspirations in your path.

II part

September 25-29, Shanti Resort 


You will be guided through a death of the self destructive and frozen Teenager and his/her rebirth as a natural and sensuous Teenager.

  • As an Adult, you will be guided to understand and feel empathy for the struggle of your Teenager.

  • As the Teenager, you will find new resources in realizing who are healthy inspirations in your path.


You will be then guided to learn and apply a meditation technique to absorb and heal the self neglect or abuse that, as teenager, you suffered from others or even from yourself.

  • As an Adult, you will learn to understand the language of your body, transforming the memory of pain into healing by embracing it into your heart. 

  • As a Teenager, you will learn to recognize better what is nourishing and energizing and what is damaging or shocking for your body.

  • You will experience the freshness of a rebirth of the natural teenager inside you.


You will be guided and learn to guide others in experiencing directly the value of a healthy and loving connection with people of your same gender.

You will heal teenage wounds that you received from and also gave to your peers. 

  • You will learn and experience the nourishment and relaxation that come from bonding with the same gender, to feel rooted in your body and supported in your identity.

  • You will be taught about the way energy circulates in your male or female body and to recognize which people of your same gender can be an inspiration to you.

III part

January 11-12, 2025 online 


You will be taught to experience the two opposite currents of energy, outgoing and ingoing, passionate and sensuous, that create in each one of us, male or female, a balanced flow of sexual energy.

IV part

February 5-9, 2025  Shanti Resort 


You will have the opportunity to heal old emotional and sexual wounds with the opposite sex, understanding your part in those wounds, and moving on towards friendliness, playfulness and openness towards the opposite sex.

  • You will explore gratitude for the time you shared with your past partners and understand what are your needs and wants with the opposite sex at this point in your life.


You will explore and facilitate the meeting between the male and female, the active and the receptive, sides inside you. You will experience a new sensation of completeness in yourself and your body.

  • You will learn to recognize male and female energies in yourself.

  • You will learn to mediate and connect these two sides of yourself in life, in action and in meditation

V part

April 2-6, 2025  Shanti Resort 


  • You will learn to appreciate and facilitate the new connection that has grown throughout the sessions between the different parts of yourself: the Adult, the Child, and the new Teenager.

  • You will learn to implement this new sense of wholeness in your life, your relationships and your path.

Refining the art of facilitating this process through session exchange and feedback

  • This segment is dedicated to practicing the work, sharing about your individual process, exchanging sessions and asking questions.

  • In an open format,  we will together move with:

  • Whatever comes up regarding your own process 

  • Questions and answers about working with people, both in general and specifically with this ten session technique

  • Learning the art of facilitating, which is moving with the client from his/her perceptions, including what he/she is consciously feeling, while simultaneously creating a safe and conscious space to bring awareness of what lies in the client unconscious. 



At the end of the training, you will have the option of being certified as  Healing the Inner Teenager Training – 10 sessions process facilitator after completing a Supervision series.

Supervision sessions: 

  • Three completed 10 sessions series with three different clients (2 Supervisions with Svarup for each cycle)

  • One supervision after the first 5 test sessions and one at the end of the last 5 x three clients 

  • In total 6 supervision sessions

  • If needed, more supervisions can be done for each test series. 

  • After three completed test series we will consider together with the trainee if he/she is ready to facilitate the process.


Svarup Disegni (Italy)

Svarup has 30+ years of experience facilitating Childhood Deconditioning work, both childhood and adolescence and sexuality, and is a teacher of Essence Work.


Practical information

• Duration of Training: 218 hours (9 hours x 1 day x 22 days = 198 hours of training and at least 20 hours of independent exchange sessions between trainings).

• In each part of the training, you will immerse yourself in an interactive experience in a group, in pairs and individually.

• You will receive methodological material for all 5 parts.

Parts I, II, IV, and V will be residential and will take place at the homestead „Shanti resort“ in Trakai district, Lithuania (how to find it and more info about the resort at

Part III, 2 days, will take place online via Zoom.

The training will be held in English, with translation into Lithuanian.

Registration and information:

Amiya - tel. +37068381991


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